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This is an easy to read, refreshing numerology site. I offer a variety of charts that can explain who you've been, who you really are and who you can become! You will also discover my numerology jewellery & greeting cards- enjoy!

CLICK ON THE PICTURE to find out why I'm a numerologist

all charts available

I offer 7 different types of chart to suit all budgets. Apart from my popular full karma-numerology chart, I also offer character analysis, 12 month forecasts and a special ultimate numerology chart

numerology greeting cards

just launched - exciting new range of numerology destiny number greeting cards, numbers 1 - 22. please click the picture to see the full range, many different designs available!

e b numerology jewellery range

click the picture above to see my new range of E B numerology jewellery- 'everything bespoke'

from the blog

What is Karmic Numerology?

How will knowing your karmic number stop the past from destroying your future?

Did you even know you had a karmic number? Maybe this would be a good place to start […]

20% off my ‘Ultimate Numerology Chart’- Was £95, Now only £76

As a run-up to Christmas ‘present’ from me to you, I have decided to offer my Ultimate Numerology Chart at 20% off its usual price. This means that it is […]

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